My name is Gregory Taylor and I love filmmaking!

Gregory Taylor is a producer/ cinematographer living in Los Angeles, CA. He is best known for his extensive work in TV, Documentary and travel based films focused on nature, adventure and social justice. Greg’s deep-rooted passion for filmmaking, exploration and storytelling have taken him on adventures to the far reaches of the globe, capturing stunning cinematic images from six contents. Greg has won numerous awards in both filmmaking and photography. His exceptional camerawork is showcased in the gritty documentary American Relapse and the uplifting From the Hood to the Holler, both of which were in contention for an Academy Award. He is a member of the the Society of Camera Operators, the International Documentary Association and the Explorers Club. His most recent project chronicles a motorcycle trip from Los Angeles to Antartica to film with endangered species, scientists and wildlife conservation programs.


Licensed drone operator

Greg was an early adopter of commercially available drones and has flown hundreds of hours, often being the very first time an area was ever filmed!

Underwater Cameraman

With over 400 camera in hand dives, Greg has filmed a lot beneath the waves. From pristine nature to underwater boxing and fashion modeling not much gets past him. Greg takes part in marine conservation and fights to keep our planet healthy.


There really isn't many places Greg won't go or won't fly into. With a knack for on his toes storytelling and adventure, the possibilities are truly limitless.


Not to forget the studios and networks, Greg has worked extensively with many of the major TV content providers across the USA. Viceland, A&E and National Geographic and more have all used Greg on their channels.

Why Choose Me?

Lighting and Composition

Creative eye for detail and dynamic framing.


Cool under pressure and able to manage the crew to get the the day. On time and in a hurry to wrap ahead of schedule. 

Perfect Equipment

Owner/ Operator with well established connections to rental houses and a wide network of talented filmmaker to select from. 

HD, 4k, 6k, 8k?

Leave the technical up to me. We can find the best fit for your project. 

unique vision

Life brings you experiences, cinema allows you to recreate them. Creativity and storytelling are art forms.

Technical Ability

Well versed in the technical side of movie making including internal operation of equipment, camera function and high end procedures, industry standard digital workflow, deliverables output and distribution.  

Filmmaking is fun. Don't forget to always have fun. If you aren't having fun, do something else.